The Struggle is Real

• The servers who are suddenly without jobs, they’re struggling

• The nurse who doesn’t have PPE in the midst of a pandemic, she’s struggling.

• The college student whose college has moved online, he’s struggling.

• The senior whose senior year has been cut short, she’s struggling.

• The engaged couple now indefinitely hours apart, they’re struggling.

• The stay at home mom whose life hasn’t seemed to change much to you, she’s struggling.

• The working mom who has become a work from home mom while her kids are out of school, she’s struggling.

• The grandparents who don’t know when they’ll get to see their grandchildren again, they’re struggling.

• The man in sales at a time when no one is buying anything but toilet paper, he’s struggling.

• The parents whose kids may not be able to come home after being out of the country for two years, they’re struggling.

• The pastors and leaders who suddenly have to navigate closures and online church, they’re struggling.

• The stylist whose shop has just had to close, she’s struggling.

• The nurse who has to work while her kids’ school has closed, she’s struggling.

• The senior citizens who are told they shouldn’t go to the store, yet they can’t figure out grocery pick up or get their whole order even once it’s been placed, they’re struggling.

• The wife whose husband’s National Guard unit just got activated, she’s struggling.

• The person who keeps buying toilet paper, even though they have 200 rolls at home already, they’re struggling.

• The parents who can’t find wet wipes or diapers, they’re struggling.

These are just some of the things my friends and family are facing. It’s a lot.

Real talk: I’ve been struggling today. I’ve had a few break downs today. I’m feeling overwhelmed, worn out, alone, restless, impatient, frustrated, fearful, purposeless, unwanted, and defeated.

We are all struggling. We are all in this together in this aloneness.

This season will not last.

Let’s give each other grace. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s support each other. Let’s ease burdens. Let’s pray for each other. Let’s lean into Jesus.

Please let me know if I can pray for you!

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