Welcome to Imperfect Pearl! It is an honor to have you visit.

Why Blog?

I have been writing short stories, devotionals, lyrics, and several first chapters of books since childhood. My very first website, For His Glory Teens, was built on Geocities when I was 13, and I’ve had a semi-active blog since a creative writing class in college. I enjoy writing. But writing is more than an enjoyable hobby for me.

When I was 11, God called me to write. No, there wasn’t an audible voice, but I heard it very clearly in my heart. I’m so excited for this platform and for the opportunity to walk in the calling God placed upon me all those years ago.

Why Imperfect Pearl?

I love pearls; there is something so classic and feminine about them. It could have something to do with the fact that I grew up watching movies from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and TVLand back when it was a channel for shows like Leave It to Beaver, My Three Sons, Adam-12, and I Love Lucy. My love of pearls could also spring from my name meaning “pearl”.

I’ve had pearl necklaces in the past, and out of curiosity for whether or not they were genuine, I did some research on how to tell if pearls were real. One of the ways is by rubbing them together, and if they produce a dust, they’re real. Another way to tell if a pearl is real is by their flaws. Authentic pearls are not perfect. They have tiny ridges, and they vary in size.

While the temptation may be to put on the mask of perfection, hiding any and all imperfections, I desire to be real and authentic. I’m being refined, perfected, and sanctified, but I am not even close to being there yet.

Here are some of my latest posts:

Garage Sale Refinish

My dad was in the Air Force until I was 16, and we moved every 1.5 to 4 years. When I was 8, my parents bought their first home. Homeownership gave my parents the opportunity to do things they’d been unable to do while we lived in base housing. My mom finally got to hang… Continue reading Garage Sale Refinish

Why yes, my eyes are green(ish).

It has started again. That old familiar pang of jealousy. Familiar because I’ve wrestled with it my whole life. From being jealous of other kids with friendships, to being jealous of other young adults getting engaged and married, to being jealous of my friends having children, to people who live near their families, jealousy is… Continue reading Why yes, my eyes are green(ish).