“…much studying wears you out.”

Friday is the last day of classes before spring break, and I am more than ready to have a time to rest! I’ve been much busier than usual since last Friday, because my RA has been on a missions trip to Marti Gras. Before she left, asked me if I would be willing to be responsible for the hall in her absence. I agreed, and she told the other girls that if they had any problems, they could come to the RDA on our hall or to me. Since she has been gone, there have been a few girls who have needed someone to talk to. The additional time spent listening has, unfortunately, taken away from the time I needed to spend reading and working on my PR for Synoptic Gospels. Now, I have less time before papers, books, and reports are due, and it’s caused me a little bit of stress. Ecclesiastes 12:12 has shown to be very truthful; it says, “…be careful, for writing books is endless, and much study wears you out.” After the past week, I cannot wait to be home!

Last spring break had a very memorable start for me. I had gotten a late start packing and ended up leaving the school later than I had planned. I went to the gas station at the corner of Grant and Norton to fill my tank. Knowing that I was leaving later than I should have, I checked the time on my cell phone before getting out of my car, so that I could calculate the time at which I would arrive home. My timing could have been better, but it wasn’t horrible.
After the gas had been replenished, I went to get into my car, and…I found that I had locked my keys and my cell phone inside. I left my car next to the pump and walked back to campus. Thankfully there was someone walking into the dorm at the same time I was, because my proxy was also locked inside my car. I found one of the RA’s and was let into my room so that I could look for my spare car key. I looked for a few minutes before coming to the realization that my spare key was not in my room. The RA relocked my room, and I walked up a flight of stairs to a friend’s room. I borrowed my friend’s phone and called my mom who suggested that I should call my grandparents for the warranty information, because my grandpa had worked at the car lot that I had purchased my car and warranty from.
My grandpa didn’t have the warranty information, so he said he would find it and call me back. While waiting for his phone call, my friend and I walked back over to my car and were met by my friend’s friend, I’ll call him Chris, who had gotten car unlocking tools from the school. When I had received the phone number for my grandpa, I called the warranty company and was told someone would be out shortly. Chris attempted to unlock my door but was unsuccessful, so we waited for the locksmith in his car.
When the locksmith arrived at the gas station, he got out of his truck and then placed a phone call while standing next to his truck. Chris walked over to him, and the locksmith told him that he had forgotten the tool he needed and would have to go back to get it. Chris showed him the tool he had brought from the school. Surprisingly it was the exact same tool that the locksmith had forgotten! In a matter of minutes, my car door was unlocked, and I was able to drive home.
As frustrating and embarrassing as the situation was, I could not help being thankful that I had locked my keys in my car across the street from the school and not in St. Joseph! I was also very thankful I had read my warranty information and knew the locksmith’s charge would be covered by my warranty! I leave for 
home on Friday, and I am hoping and praying that I my journey lacks any incidents!

1 thought on ““…much studying wears you out.””

  1. I hope your last sentence is very true.C.S. Lewis says \”We read to know we're not alone.\” It is good to read of someone besides myself who experiences mishaps like this. We manage the chaos and strive to find some goodness in it, as you did in your proximity to the college.


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