You Are My World

Do random things ever pop into your head? It happens to me all the time. Whether it be a funny memory, a crazy experience, a song, or a Bible verse, random things frequently find their way into my head. Tonight it was the chorus from Hillsong’s “You Are My World”; it says “You are my world, You are my God, and I lay down my life for You. You are my Lord, the one I love, no one could ever take Your place.”  As I began to reflect on the words from this song the last part caught my attention– “No one could ever take Your place.”  
I believe we as humans  have a short attention span. Maybe it’s just me, but one day I can be in awe of God and my attention is fixed upon Him, and the next day I’m all caught up in my latest “disaster” or mountain. 1 John 5:21 says “Dear children keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.” 
More often than anything the thing that tries to invade my heart and mind is worry. If I let myself, I could find a million things to worry about. I can’t help but think worry is one of the greatest weapons the enemy possesses. When we worry we allow our focus to be on the problem, rather than our all powerful God who knows exactly what is before us. When we worry we live in fear rather than in faith. Fear says there is no hope, faith says “With God all things are possible.”  
When we give into worry we allow ourselves grow forgetful of God’s character. We serve the same God who made a dry path through a sea, brought food by way of ravens, closed the mouths of lions, saved a nation through an undercover Jewish queen, restored sight to the blind, healed lepers, raised the dead to life, and conquered sin and the grave! He hasn’t changed. He is still every bit as faithful as He was in the Old and New Testaments. He’s still the faithful God who provided, protected, and restored.  He couldn’t be any more trustworthy. 
There is a whole world of things that attempt to fill your heard and attain your focus–worry is only one of a multitude of things! What tries to fill your heart and mind? What begs for your attention? 

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